Case Studies

Banking Case Studies

  1. Payment Gateway: Payment Gateway is developed for Payment Service provider which provides Channels, Access Control and User authentication system, security services for digital signing and confidentiality, clearing and settlement system.
  2. Contact Channels: Various contact channels can be either corporates or end user which will submit payment instruction in secured fashion. Payment instruction can be submitted through Web, PDA or mobile phone.
  3. B2B Exchanges: Payment Gateway will be connected to B2B Exchanges. B2B Exchange will be connected to buyers and suppliers. Buyer can submit secure payment instruction to payment gateway and after clearing with banks suppliers will be informed. This system will improve supply chain mechanism and reduce delivery time.
  4. Banks: Banks will be connected to Payment Gateway either through TCP/IP or LU 6.2. and straight through processing is implemented between Payment service provider Banks to reduce the clearing cycle.
  5. Security: End to End Secure payment infrastructure is implemented from Customers to Banks using PKI/ SmartCard technology.