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SuiteCommerce Site Builder Add-Ons

Expand Your Web Store Functionality

SuiteCommerce Site Builder Add-Ons gives your SuiteCommerce Site Builder web store enhanced capabilities to drive customer engagement, loyalty and sales. Meet customer expectations for an interactive, personalized and socially oriented shopping experience with capabilities for product ratings and reviews, wish lists, streamlined ordering and more.

SuiteCommerce Site Builder Add-Ons

  • Ratings and reviews. Grow your online community, cultivate brand evangelists and improve sales with product ratings and review capabilities.
  • Wish list. Give shoppers personalized wish list capabilities to keep track of those items they would love to purchase in the future for themselves or others.


  • Improve sales, site traffic and customer engagement with product ratings and reviews.
  • Recapture lost sales opportunities by notifying customers when an out-ofstock item becomes available.
  • Extend the sales cycle with personalized wish lists that let the customer buy when the time is right.
  • Showcase products with enhanced image gallery, zooming and quick view Capabilities.

Deliver Rich Shopping Interactivity

  • Quick view. Let shoppers quickly view product information and add to cart while looking at search results or a category page without having to drill down to the product page.
  • Image zoom. Provide the ability for shoppers to get a more detailed view of a product.

  • Image gallery. Give customers different views of your products to facilitate decision-making.
  • Previous and next item. Allow shoppers to click to the next or previous item in that category from the item page without having to go back to the item list page.
  • Recently viewed items. Returning logged in visitors to your site can see the products they viewed during their last visit.

Streamline Ordering and Purchasing

  • Mini cart. Let shoppers quickly see all products that they have added to their cart by hovering over the cart icon.
  • Saved cart. Give customers the ability to save previously selected items in their shopping cart so they can easily be purchased at a later time.
  • Quick order. Enable your frequent buyers the ability to enter orders quickly without browsing for the items they want.
  • Back-in-stock notification. Recapture sales and strengthen customer relationships by allowing customers to be notified when an out-of-stock item has become available for purchase.